Dining in Mountain Home

Fred's Fish House
This restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood. It is open for lunch and dinner. Cajun catfish, fried mushrooms, fried zucchini and jalapeno poppers are some of the delicious food items served at Fred's Fish House. In addition to delicious food, this restaurant also offers free Wi-Fi to all customers.

Blossom Café
This café is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. It is the ideal choice for vegans or people who are trying to eat healthy. Soy bacon cheeseburgers, soy filet sandwiches, and mushroom pizza bites are some of the delicious foods that are served at this restaurant.

El Charro Mexican Restaurant
As the name suggests, this restaurant serves a variety of Mexican food. Mexican pizza, tortilla soup and fajita salad are examples of the types of foods that are served at El Charro Mexican Restaurant. Guests can eat lunch and dinner at this restaurant.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
This is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the country. It is the ideal choice for people who want to quickly grab something to eat. Grilled chicken, chicken strips, hot wings and mashed potatoes are some of the mouth-watering choices on the menu.

Mel's Diner
This restaurant is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Homemade muffins, pancakes, and New York steak with eggs are some of the breakfast items that people have to choose from at this restaurant. Half fried spring chicken, fish with chips, and homemade turkey dinners are some of the lunch and dinner choices available at this restaurant.

Panda Buffet
This restaurant serves Chinese food. Chicken teriyaki, boneless ribs, roast pork with broccoli and chicken with cashew nuts are some of the savory choices that guests have at this restaurant. Panda Buffet also has great choices for people who are on a diet, including steamed mixed vegetables and steamed shrimp with broccoli.

Diamond Head Restaurant
This restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine. It is open for both lunch and dinner. Guests even have the option of choosing from the buffet during the lunch hours. Citrus chicken, yum yum shrimp, and big island chicken are some of the entrees that people have to choose from at this restaurant. There are also many delicious side items at this restaurant, including Hawaiian fried rice and Red Island friend Rice.